SAE Award Nomination

Call for Nomination: 2024 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Small Area Estimation (SAE Award)

The Scientific Program and Local Organization Committees of SAE 2024 are jointly inviting nominations for the 2024 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Small Area Estimation (SAE Award).

Selection Criteria

The Award is in recognition of an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the research, application, and education of small area estimation (SAE). The selection of the winner is worldwide.

Selection Process and Deadline

A nomination consists of a nomination letter (limited to two double-spaced pages), in which the numerator should highlight the major achievements of the nominee in small area estimation. All nominations should be sent by email to Professor J. N. K. Rao, Chair of the 2024 SAE Award Committee (

Nominations submitted last year need not be submitted again. They will be considered along with new nominations.

The deadline for receiving the nomination is March 15, 2024.

Previous Winners

J. N. K. Rao (2017), Danny Pfeffermann (2018), Malay Ghosh (2019), Partha Lahiri (2020), Wayne Fuller (2021), Robert Fay (2022).

SAE2023 Award Committee:

J. N. K. Rao (Chair), Robert Fay, Partha Lahiri, Danny Pfeffermann, and Andres Rojas


The 2024 SAE Award Committee is not a permanent award committee. Future awards, or whether there will be an SAE Award in any given year, will be decided by the organizing committees of future SAE conferences. For more information, please contact Professor J.N.K. Rao, Chair of the SAE 2024 Award Committee at the email address given above.